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I Have Had AF Now For 10 Days. Is This "normal"?

I Have Had AF Now For 10 Days. Is This "normal"?

I have been off BC for almost a year now and taking Metformin ER since August, and regular Metformin since May. My cycles have been inconsistent but never this long. It started with bleeding for a few hours, then turned to brown spotting for 2 days. On day 4, it turned to heavy bleeding. I am now on day 10 with still moderate bleeding. Is this "normal" or "typical" for someone with PCOS?

PS. Yes, I am trying to get pregnant with no success yet.


A myPCOSteam Member said:

Welcome to my world. I've had AF over stay her welcome sometimes as long as 2 weeks and come right back in a week. One of the main defining things is God awful periods that last forever and have zero rhyme or while this is the norm for PCOS, its not too good for you in regards to anemia. I would go and speak with a doc and make sure your hemoglobin is ok just to be safe.

posted over 5 years ago
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