I asked a few different doctors what kind of PCOS. None of them understood the question...

I asked a few different doctors what kind of PCOS. None of them understood the question...

Hey All!

This is my first time posting. I signed up a while back but got stumped when I was filling out the profile and it asked a specific kind of PCOS. I took those names to a couple of different doctors, and all of them said PCOS is PCOS and there aren't different types. I'm finding concrete information hard to find. I especially deal with a lot of weight and mental health issues so I want to see how much of it… read more

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I have those problems and more .. know that you are not alone

posted 6 months ago
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Im with you sista! Ive had symptoms when i was 20. Was in and out of hospitals wondering why i had messed up bleeding cycles with heavy, short or no bleeding and a lot of pain that 1000mg motrin could not help. I tried to get pregnant but pregnancy did not last past 3 months. After 4 years of hopelessness of ever getting pregnant I lost a lot of hair. Got new Doc and was finally diagnosed with PCOS at 36. However, Ive lost my Doc and now I have new Docs who don't understand how to treat my PCOS. Im now 55 in premenopausal state and no one treats my PCOS. Its still there even if I don't Bleed anymore. And now my blood sugar Levels are high. I practically have to starve myself to lose any weight. My family Doc says to ask OBGYN about PCOS and OBGYN tells me thats not in her field and that i need to talk to my Family Doc. I need to get Endocrinologist to help. Only prob is that you will need a referral and those are hard to come by.

My advice to you is to get an Endocrinologist. Don't give up!

posted 5 months ago
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Unfortunately, some doctors just don't know that much about it to be helpful. When I was tested, my ultrasound showed polycystic ovaries but my blood test showed my testosterone levels etc were within normal ranges so my doc said she didn't know what it was and sent me to a specialist who took one look and said, well you have lots of cysts and not getting a period so you have PCOS. There are lots of women whose blood tests might show really high testosterone or some women might get a regular period while some don't get one at all. The way PCOS shows itself can be so different and there might be differences in the way it's managed. For instance, I don't have insulin resistance with my PCOS, so any advice which is primarily around that and meds like metformin is not helpful for me. So for them to say PCOS is PCOS is not helpful in knowing what's going on in YOUR body and the best management for you and your symptoms.

My advice would be to find a specialist if you can if you don't have one already. For me, it was a fertility specialist who is great at explaining things and I am comfortable asking questions when I need to. If that's not a possibility right now, just do lots of research and reading about it and the different symptoms and ask questions like you're doing on here. Chances are there will be someone going through a very similar experience to you.

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