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Can Putting Hair Texturizer In My Hair Make My PCOS Symptoms Worse?

Can Putting Hair Texturizer In My Hair Make My PCOS Symptoms Worse?

Hello, I've been using my Dyson Airwrap for a few months. It blows out my hair pretty well and makes my hair feel very soft. The problem is that it never makes my hair silky straight. Sometimes my hair looks like it is straight and then it curls up again. I've tried the John Frieda Serum and cream that is supposed to make my hair silky straight. It just isn't working out well.

My Mom keeps saying that I should put a texturizer in my hair so my hair can stay straight and not curl up so fast. Iā€¦ read more

A myPCOSteam Member said:

@A myPCOSteam Member Thanks for your answer! šŸ˜ŠI decided not to go with the hair texturizer. I'm currently going through different products and seeing how they work. I just bought a blow-dry cream from Shea moisture that I will try when using the Dyson. I think I'll just experiment with my Dyson and experiment with different curly hairstyles.

posted 12 days ago
A myPCOSteam Member said:

All synthetic chemicals are hormone disruptors, so stay away from them if you can! You will just have to learn other products to use and ways to care for yourself. I don't wear makeup anymore or use any body/hair products besides simple oatmeal bar soap, shampoo, and Shea butter. My hair is currier and frizzier than anything, but I just learned to love it lol.

posted 18 days ago
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