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Can anyone recommend a supportive doctor in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area?

I do not have a doctor. I have been searching for one but i havent seem to have found a good doctor.

posted about 3 hours ago by A myPCOSteam User

Possible ovarian cyst rupture?

I've been going about my day today as normal, at college, when I got a sudden aching pain in my lower right abdomen. It's been here for about six hours now and hurts more when I move around. It's not unbearable but quite uncomfortable. I have a lot of cysts on both ovaries but I've never experienced a rupture - does this sound like one? If so, any ways to manage it? And if not, what else might this pain be? Thanks in advance! Kait x

tags: Cysts Ovarian cysts Abdominal pain

posted about 13 hours ago by A myPCOSteam User

When i get pain like that it really helps to use a heating paid. And advil.

posted about 13 hours ago

Has anyone had any luck with Pcos diet?

I'm already taking metformin and a thyroid medication but I'm STILL having a hard time losing weight! So frustrating! A nurse in my Drs office suggested trying the Pcos diet. Anyone have any tips or suggestions?

posted 1 day ago by A myPCOSteam User

Has anyones doctor mentioned to them that there are different types on PCOS?

I was just diagnosed yesterday and my doctor really did not give me much information. She just prescribed metformin and sent me on my way. Ive been doing my own research since and ive come across a couple different sites that mention different types of PCOS. Has anyones doctor mentioned this to them?

posted 4 days ago by A myPCOSteam User
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My advise is what ever you do....dont take the depo shot, i know that no ones body is the same but I have went thru some thing emotionally and… read more

posted 2 days ago

Has anyone gotten pregnant from taking Clomid? this is my first cycle of using it

posted 7 days ago by A myPCOSteam User
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Did you doctor do a cycle day 14 ultrasound to check your follicles?

posted 6 days ago

Has anyone tried apple cider vinegar and/or green tea?

I was wondering if it was worth a try before i spend money on it.

posted 7 days ago by A myPCOSteam User

Green tea is cheap and has a ton of health benefits. So yes get it. I tried apple cider vinegar but i think it just tasted so awful that i didn’t want… read more

posted 6 days ago


I have an iud and pcos I haven't bled during my period for 4 months what should I do

posted 7 days ago by A myPCOSteam User
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I have the Skyla IUD and i have only had a couple periods but my doctor told me that some women have periods and some do not. He also said that… read more

posted 6 days ago

Waxing facial hair...What type of wax brands do you use or recommend?

I have had my face waxed by professionals and it was great but it is pricey. I am looking for a good wax to use for facial waxing. I tried a cream wax but I didn't like it. I need and want a wax that I can do without the cloth strips to pull it off.

posted 7 days ago by A myPCOSteam User
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I use Starpil Wax (usually the blue or the pink) I would highly recommend it for all over the body! You can see YouTube videos of people using it and I’… read more

posted 3 days ago

Has anyone tried to Keto Diet? I'm about to start it, and was just wondering if anyone has already and if I could get some pointers


posted 7 days ago by A myPCOSteam User

I don't do strictly Keto, however pay attention to carbs. I do it as carb choices. It helps me as a diabetic to figure out how much to eat. I'd look… read more

posted 6 days ago

What is a good product to use for hair loss?

I have currently been using Nioxin shampoo/conditioner and scalp treatment for over a year and it has helped, however recently I believe they changed their formula and I have noticed more hair loss when brushing or washing my hair. Any suggestions are really appreciated!

posted 7 days ago by A myPCOSteam User

I am not sure there is another professional product out there for hair loss. Just like with Rogain, if you stop using Nioxin hair begins to fall out… read more

posted 6 days ago
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