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No Periods

A myPCOSteam Member

Anyone else NEVER get a period?

I only do when I take Provera.

I have already tried Metformin, Vitex, weight loss, exercise, clean eating. Still have never had a cycle on my own.

I just started taking inositol, so I'll give that a shot for a few months to see if that helps at all. Any other ideas? Is there anything you have been able to do to naturally get a period?

posted February 11, 2018
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A myPCOSteam Member

Same. I have to take medroxy progesterone pills because I get tired of the on going break through bleeding. If I do have a natural one it's like once a year if that. I noticed after using birth control this was the case. Before that I would get them at least every 3 months or 6 months. It's gotten worse with time.

posted July 7
A myPCOSteam Member

I went 9 years with out a period. i was on birth control for most of that. I got my tubes tied back in December because I decided one kid was enough for me. after 4.5 months I went to an appointment with my regular PCP and he was concerned that I hadn't had a period after my tubal. I ended up having to take prevara to kick start a period but It was almost non existent. I can't loose the weight I pretty much have no period I'm not sure what the heck to do.

posted June 21, 2021
A myPCOSteam Member

Go for a new endo.

posted October 17, 2019
A myPCOSteam Member

I actually did visit an endocrinologist and she just put me on Metformin 2 doses a day. I need to find a different doctor. She seems not to care too much about her patients. I felt that from day one. If I don't call, they will do nothing to follow up or anything at all. Time to find a different endo or gyn. I'm also bloated all the time..

posted October 15, 2019
A myPCOSteam Member

Rosie33 Try myo-inositol. Metformin has been proven to not help unless you have an insulin resistance which not everyone with PCOS has. Looks like you ovulate even if you don't have a period. Maybe you could try to go to an endocrinologist, he could help you to regulate your period so it would be easier to conceive and complete the pregnancy

posted October 13, 2019
A myPCOSteam Member

I haven't had my period in over 4 years. I got pregnant with my son who will be 5 next month without a period. In fact, I didnt have it for 2 years before that. He is perfectly healthy. I had 2 miscarriages and 1 stillborn. My periods were never regular and I'm not taking any meds for it. I guess I enjoy not having it but I know its dangerous as it can cause uterine cancer. Any thoughts? Should I just remove everything? I'm already 35 and I probably would like 1 more child but not really good to have another one for me in this point in my life. Doctor tried putting me on Metformin with 2 doses a day of 500. I felt that was too much and I dont know if I trust Metformin since it's for sugar and my sugar is not high. Anyone had good experience?

posted October 12, 2019
A myPCOSteam Member

Fairhaven fertility products helped me get periods.

posted August 15, 2019
A myPCOSteam Member

have you tried estrogen pills or birth control

posted June 19, 2019
A myPCOSteam Member

I haven't had one in almost 3 years. Then out of nowhere this pass February one came out of nowhere. It was an actual normal period. Haven't had one since. I'm baffled and confused too. It makes it really hard to try to conceive. I've almost given up hope. This summer I plan on having the gastric sleeve done. Hopefully getting some of this weight off will help regulate me again and I can start ovulating on my own again. Prayers to everyone dealing with this.

posted May 29, 2019
A myPCOSteam Member

I had periods that were very irregular to start since I was 12. At 16 I went to my first gynecologist because I was having severe pain in my ovaries. I was told to monitor and note when it happened on a calendar to track them. Also to note when and if I had a period. Unfortunately I wasn’t diagnosed for another 8 years with PCOS. At that time I had gained 100 lbs, began showing more symptoms and it was a physicians assistant who tan test to find it, not even my doctor.

Anyhow, in 2002 I was diagnosed and have since then been on Metformin, progesterone for thickened uterus, 2 biopsies, spironolactone, clomid, which allowed me to have my second child and actually have periods. 2008 I had a period for 6 months(spotty) and had to have an endometrial ablation. Since then I have had 5 periods, 3 of which came after having the ablation, and 2 back surgeries. Then 2 random ones... it is very common for women with PCOS to have the absence of periods, it usually means no ovulation is happening and then what will happen, the eggs that are suppose to mature and move through the ovaries during ovulation, don’t happen, rather they mature get old and then become cystic and when then burst we have pain. It is a horrible cycle for us. I recommend seeking a doctor with PCOS experience or at least one who isn’t afraid to research PCOS for more positive avenues for you health. I at 42, am still working in that one too!

Good luck!

posted May 11, 2019

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