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Hey ladies,

Gonna take people's advice and go to the docs and ask to speak to a gyn as the endo was rubbish my question is what do I ask the doctor for? I know I ask for a referral to a gyn but why them specifically?
I really suck at all this so any help advise.. things to ask for would be great.
Thanks lovelies and have a great day

A myPCOSteam Member said:

Heya .. if your not happy with your doctor ask for a second opion and ask for an appoiment with a gyney doctor they explain alot to you and answer everthing from birth control to taken steps to having a baby it can be so annyoing and dishearted when u feel like a doctor doesnt help i waited four years to ger answers felt that my doctor ignored my illnes and pushed me aside with telling me to loose weight' if its thats easy' anyhows u should ask the gyno to do your bloods while having a period to track how u ovaulte this does help and maybe ask them aboit metformim if u trying for kids im still hoping it will work for me but havent much luck at all feel free to ask me anything xx

posted over 5 years ago
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