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Do You Struggle With Feeling Like You Are Less Feminine Or Less Womanly Due To PCOS // Symptoms?

A myPCOSteam Member asked a question 💭

Do you struggle with feeling like you are less feminine or less womanly due to PCOS // symptoms? What do you do that helps you to feel better? Sometimes it is hard for me to feel beautiful, sexy, womanly, or just happy (I'd even settle with just ok) with my body. Maybe its body hair, weight, depression, anxiety, or any of the other symptoms I experience... But sometimes I feel like having PCOS means that something is wrong or broken in me as a woman and feminine being. I'm trying to find what… read more

posted October 18, 2016
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A myPCOSteam Member

Absolutely. Having to shave my face every day definitely makes me feel less feminine. My legs and arms are hairier than my fiance's yet the hair on my head has thinned (fortunately it thinned fairly evenly, so at least I don't have bald spots). So yeah, just my overall appearance makes me feel unwomanly. (It doesn't help that I'm a spitting image of my dad either, lol.)

Unfortunately, I haven't found anything that makes me feel better about myself. I hope someone has suggestions!

posted March 26, 2017
A myPCOSteam Member

I feel the same. After miscarrying in april only 2 days after finding out i was pregnant i woke up and didnt feel pregnant anymore,
I then went on to find out i have PCOS!
Doctor says im still young (26) and getting pregnant isn't impossible just sometimes takes abit longer🙄
To me it seems impossible i feel it in my body that ill never get pregnant sounds crazy but i just feel it.
Ive been trying my hardest to change my diet, not perfect but im getting there so much confusion with what i can and cant eat it does my head in!
Also feeling like the fattest thing ever when i go outside i just hate leaving my house.. the cycstic acne is what gets to me too. One goes n another one shows up. Been trying organic coconut oil so lets see if that helps..
I agree with u i feel less of a woman. Why am i here if i cant do what a woman should be able to do. Missing periods, failing to keep a pregnancy while everyone else seems to be pregnant.
Ive decided to train my mind in order to train my body.
U either let this get u down and avoid even TRYING for good things or u think F**K you ive got nothing to lose so i will swap a chocolate bar for an apple. I will do even 15 mins of exercise.
If we dont push ourselves everyday, nobody will do it for us and we will forever think What if i done this or that to improve my chances..
music mostly helps me keep a good mood going i just have to avoid the idiots because the worst thing is having a good day for some muppet to come and dampen your mood..
kiss fresh or kisstory get the oldskool tunes on and have a sing alone (windows closed) haha
I believe there should be a place for us women to meet up once a week and talk and support eachother.
How would we do that i wonder???

posted October 26, 2016
A myPCOSteam Member

Feeling less than feminine is something I've struggled with ever since I started trying to conceive 8 years ago. Nothing has worked and I'm at a place of acceptance now. I still feel that my body has betrayed me. We were biologically made to reproduce. It is an isolatingredient experience for me around my peers.

posted October 25, 2016
A myPCOSteam Member

I try to be so positive in my answers, this question is a tough one for me. I do feel less feminine and I feel like PCOS robbed me of my womanhood, my birthright. I am supposed to be able to make a baby, to nurture and grow into a productive member of society. But PCOS has other plans for my uterus involving pain and anguish once a month. I feel uncomfortable going out sometimes because I feel like everyone will see the chin hairs and know that I am less because I am not average. A deep breath brings me back to center. I have started to focus more on me and my health. I have started moving in a positive direction with exercising and eating right to hopefully control the symptoms and maybe suppress it well enough to live a long and happy fruit filled life.

posted October 18, 2016
A myPCOSteam Member

I struggled with feeling femine and I put this down to having very high testosterone levels, it's hard to feel good when you suffer from greasy hair, bad skin, weight issues and lets chuck in some depression just for fun. I was diagnosed a 20 and I'm now 41 so I have had a long time to wok on things. As everyone on here has shared it comes own to diet and exercise and this is so hard and restricting but it does work. I have been medication free for over 4 years so its worth it. I think now I've just accepted this is the way have to live and at times it just seems so unfair. But the diet and exercise help with everything on the outside and also make you feel great on the inside. Best of luck

posted October 18, 2016

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