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What Kind Of Birth Control Should I Ask To Try?

A myPCOSteam Member

I was diagnosed with PCOS about three years ago, and Ive been seeing an endocrinologist about every three months since. Im 23 and only now going to a gynecologist because it scares me (both the vulnerability of it and the PCOS issues). I have pretty painful periods that I want to try to manage better with birth control, but I dont know what to get. I've been doing research and I like the idea of either an implant or a hormonal IUD, but I wanted to ask for the experience of others with PCOS. Should I try one of these? I havent met my gyno yet, so I dont know how much background she has in PCOS. Hopefully its a good match though.
Thanks for any advice!

posted April 12, 2019
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A myPCOSteam Member

Have you ever had day 3 labs drawn to determine if you have low progesterone or high estrogen? You can ask your endo! Those labs give so much insight that’s much more accurate than labs drawn on any given day, I learned that after years, so always like to pass it along. Good luck girl!

posted April 20, 2019
A myPCOSteam Member

I switched from femynor birth control pill to the nuvaring this week because nausea was bad and i constantly was spotting. The nuvaring bypasses your gastro system so theres not supposed to be nausea involved. If you tell your doc what your most worrjed about theylll find a BC that would be best, but is a trial and error process

posted April 13, 2019
A myPCOSteam Member

My new obgyn did push birth control on me because of pcos, but I do not do well with the pill or nuvaring. I was crazy and suicidal on them. Plus I went to high school with someone who died of a blood clot from birth control. Scary. Estrogen based birth controls cause the clots.

I’m on Skyla which is the lowest dose progestin IUD. I’m also on metformin to help with my pcos. Before I had Skyla inserted metformin regulated out my periods. I also lost 18 pounds in 4 months. I really like Skyla. I would make sure you have a good doctor that you trust to do this procedure. I switched doctors to have this done because I didn’t trust my old obgyn. Plus he wasn’t doing anything for my pcos.

I haven’t experienced any side effects with the IUD. I did spot/bleed for 35 days after it was inserted but this is normal since they thin the lining of your uterus so a fertilized egg cannot implant (that’s one way it prevents pregnancy). My first period on it was awesome. It was light with minimum cramping. My typical periods were usually light, but I did cramp a lot with them which was painful. I did cramp for the first month that my IUD was inserted, but it was just my body getting use to it. It was very painful to insert but I think it was well worth it. I have a high pain tolerance too but everyone is different. My cervix just didn’t like to be opened. I also liked the fact that it was thinning my lining out because it was a few mm thicker than they would have liked my uterus to be.

My new obgyn said that the hormones of IUDs are small enough they stay in your uterus and don’t go through your entire body like the arm implant does. You will read horror stories online about the IUDs, but everyone who has had a bad experience will go on there to write their review. No one really goes online to write a great review. If you are interested and nervous about getting one schedule an appointment with your doctor. My obgyn office makes this mandatory before getting an IUD to discuss everything and to have you ask questions. I’m sorry for the long post but I hope you find this useful!

posted April 13, 2019 (edited)
A myPCOSteam Member

I would say wait it out go in with a open mind , don't just think birth control trust me I know it sounds crazy but 9/10 if you go in saying birth control they aren't going to have to work hard and or education themselves more on PCOS . They are going to do exactly what you want . Btw have you ever been on birth control before ? They come with many SIDE effects just everything lol but I have tried 6 different birth control pills none worked and my period pain was WORSE . Good Luck Love ❤️

posted April 12, 2019

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