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My daughter, ages 18, is taking spirolocatone 100mg to help her hair grow as it has been thinning very quickly since February. Havent really seen many signs of improvement. Is this dosage strong enough? I do hope so? She was on 50mg but increased it to 100mg in September. Thank you.

A myPCOSteam Member said:

My endocrinologist suggested Viviscal vitamins but I haven't tried them yet. Is she taking Viviscal? I was taking Nutrafol vitamins for about eight months but I didn't really feel like they were helping and they are expensive so I stopped.

I just started using this Rosemary Mint oil a couple weeks ago at the suggestion of a friend who said it helped her with non-hormonal hair loss: I figured it couldn't hurt.

As far as diet goes- I mix two scoops of Collagen Peptides in my morning coffee every day. This is something that another friend of mine did who struggles with thyroid-related hair thinning and she said it helped her. This is the brand she recommended:

And I'm actually also seeing a naturopathic doctor to see what she recommends as far as natural treatments (in addition to the pharmaceutical medications). The plan she's given me is actually meant to treat PCOS more broadly rather than hair loss from it specifically. But the thought is that once the hormones are leveled from this plan, the hair situation should follow suit. I've sort of started the diet, but haven't fully committed to it yet because diets are hard for me. I do plan to go all-in on it soon, though. This is what she's recommended:

1. Eliminate all gluten, dairy and sugar
2. Load up on protein, healthy fats and veggies
3. Stay under 100g of NET carbohydrates per day
4. Take magnesium and curcumin supplements

I just saw my gynecologist today to follow up on my progress with the Spironolactone and birth control combo since I started it in August. We're upping my Spiro dose to 150 because I'm just that worried about my hair. She said you can go up to 200 for maximum benefits, but it's best to go up slowly to reduce the chance of negative side effects. I too experience a lot of fatigue, but I don't think it's solely from the Spiro for me. Plus I'm so worried about the hair that I'm willing to overlook the fatigue for now to see if my hair will improve with the Spiro.

Is your daughter taking any other medication? Other than the Spironolactone?

posted over 2 years ago
A myPCOSteam Member said:

Yes, I'm so glad I finally found someone who can relate to what I'm going through! My family and friends have been great, but I don't feel they truly understand how hard this is for me.

From all I can gather by everything I've read and experienced, hair loss is tricky. There's not a lot of good scientific research on it, and medical doctors don't seem to take it very seriously.

I know how you feel about the blood test; I've have blood work done a gazlillion times in the past few months. You should also see about getting her DHEAS levels tested. That's another androgen (male sex hormone) that can attack hair follicles. I believe many with PCOS have elevated levels of it. I have high levels of it and my doctors have been monitoring it to see if they go down from the Spiro and birth control that I'm taking. Also -- Iron! I just started taking Vitamin D and Iron supplements. My doc said that my levels are in the standard range for both, but on the low end of the standard range. Both of those can impact hair health.

My humble (and hopeful) opinion is that her's probably isn't genetic pattern loss because it's thinning so quickly. Same with me. And that's good because from what I've read, genetic hair loss is harder to reverse. I think genetic female pattern loss is typically more gradual over the course of years. But you should definitely ask her docs what they think! I'd be curious of what they say, compared to what my docs have said.

posted over 2 years ago
A myPCOSteam Member said:

I am in the US.

From what I understand, if there's any sort of genetically pre-disposed sensitivity to androgen activity, female pattern hair loss can occur. And since PCOS does increase androgen levels in the body, it can trigger early onset genetic hair loss--regardless of age. However, I've read conflicting things about whether or not PCOS-related hair loss is permanent or can be reversed. Like I said, all my doctors seem to think this is temporary for me and that my hair will grow back normally, but I'm not so sure because the thinning just keeps getting worse.

Let me know how things work out for your daughter! And let me know if you have any other questions about this! It pretty much consumes my mind and I've researched it up and down trying to figure out my own situation.

posted over 2 years ago
A myPCOSteam Member said:

Hi! I've been experiencing very quick hair thinning since January. I started on Spironolactone 50 mg in August. In September I asked my gynecologist to up my dose to 100 mg because I heard that it works better for hair loss at 100 mg--so she did. Since I've been taking it I have noticed a substantial decrease in hair shedding (although I've never really had a problem with excessive shedding--just fast, diffuse thinning). I used to shed about 20 strands in the shower, now I barely shed 5. But despite the reduced shedding, I still feel like my hair gets thinner by the day. It actually feels lighter on my head (almost weightless like cotton candy) and moreso every single day. And this is alarming because I've always had super, super thick and curly hair all my life. I've noticed some very small hairs of regrowth but nothing that I'm overly excited about because they're so small and minimal. I'm also seeing a dermatologist for this issue but I'm not convinced that hair loss is his specialty because nothing he's said or done has helped me in any way.

It's probably too soon to tell if the Spironolactone will eventually restore my hair back to it's normal thickness/length. But I'm also taking combination birth control and using Women's Rogaine. My endocrinologist has called this "the triad" for PCOS-related hair restoration and seems to think that my hair will grow back after some time on this treatment plan. I'm not extremely hopeful, though, because of the quickly worsening condition of the way my hair looks and feels. If I hear "just give it time" by one more doctor I may have a breakdown.

Let me know how your daughter's situation goes, though! It seems like we're in the exact same boat at the same time, so I'd love to see what, if anything works for her, and vice versa!

posted over 2 years ago
A myPCOSteam Member said:

hi again,

thank you for your email, yes my daughter is having DHEA checked . I have been told that DHT is one to look at.

I have just bought her rosemary shampoo and conditioner as rosemary is meant to be beneficial for hair loss. Aveda also has a range as does the tricologist Philip Kingsley. It is hard to know what really works....The doctors have said it will grow back as she is young and on the right medication, but one just doesnt know. She was taking 50mg of spirolocatone which was increased to 100mg in September. However we have had to reduce this to 75mg as she was so tired on 100mg which is annoying as I 'believe' that is the right does to promote hair growth.

Do you eat anything specific in your diet? She was having flax seeds on her cereal but has stopped that but will start again. She was getting frustrated with so many pills/food etc

I read that peppermint is also helpful for the hair but I am not sure that they work when it is a hormone problem.

Viviscal hair vitamins are also very good.

Look forward to hearing from you.

posted over 2 years ago
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