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What Is The Best Option For Birth Control?

What Is The Best Option For Birth Control?

I feel like i am choosing based on which side affects i can tolerate. I don't want to gain weight, I'm nervous of continued use of the pill the older i get (33). I'm reading mixed reviews of Mirena. Any advice will be helpful! I feel so lost.

A myPCOSteam Member said:

My doctor here in the Netherlands told me that mirena has the least hormones of all the birth control treatments and that's why it is recommended. I had cramps here and there in my five years of using it, and normal weight gain, nothing too drastic. It also helped a bit with the facial hair. But you also must know that after the first 3 years, the hormones start decreasing so you might get like me a bit more of the hair shedding and facial hair in the last year or so. Also my period stopped after the first year on it. So for me that was a but worrying.

posted 7 months ago
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