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Has Any One Used The Dyson Air Wrap Or Something Similar To It?

Has Any One Used The Dyson Air Wrap Or Something Similar To It?

Hi everyone! I've been trying to find products that are similar to the Dyson air wrap. I wanted to find a good product that will not burn out my hair. The Dyson air wrap seems so expensive. I've been on countless sites and blogs that talk about cheaper substitutes for the air wrap but I find that those products are either out of stock or have terrible reviews. I've also been looking for contests or sweepstakes where they have the Dyson Air wrap as the prize. I've found some but they are all… read more

A myPCOSteam Member said:

Keep us posted!

posted 11 months ago
A myPCOSteam Member said:

UPDATE: I went ahead and the Dyson Airwrap. After viewing several videos on YouTube, i became obsessed with the idea of having it lol! Dyson taken awhile to process my order though. I hope it is shipped to me soon!😊😊

posted 12 months ago
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