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I Haven't Gotten My Period On My Own In Years But I Just Spotted For 4 Days?!

A myPCOSteam Member

So, i have PCOS, diagnosed 5-6 years ago. I don't get periods regularly, and they have been brought on only when i use birth control, or do the fertility treatment with progesterone and clomid. I recently stopped to concentrate on getting better from my mental health disorder ( it is a one year program) so i decided to get on birth control. This was FIVE months ago. I used birth control the first month, stopped it and got my period as expected. i then stopped using the patch because i have always been unable to get pregnant, and dont get a period on my own. Now, i just had 4 days of very very light brownish pinkish spotting, no red, no clotting and my periods are usually EXTREMELY HEAVY. ( keep in mind i havent gotten a period on my own in 3-4 years, so ive only had 5 periods in a year) No recent weight loss, or change in diet. so my question is could this be implantation bleeding? And if it is implantation bleeding when would it usually show up on a test after the last day i bled? ( i bled for 3 days, today would be day 4 but it is so faint i think its from yesterday) and i have been having morning sickness and occasional cramps. Another question is has anyone else experienced this, even if it did not result in pregnancy? I guess i am asking if my period could finally be regulating itself? because i had lost 60 pounds in a year but stopped losing weight in march of this year. I do have an appointment tomorrow, but i am so eager to know. either way it sounds like good news, right?! :)

posted December 5, 2022
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A myPCOSteam Member

Yes! That's the best thing you can do. Some say see an OB for PCOS others say see an Endocrinologist. I see both.dont be afraid to ask what you want its your treatment🙂

posted December 16, 2022
A myPCOSteam Member

@A myPCOSteam Member thank you! and she wants me to wait two weeks to test, im on week 2 now, but no positive yet :( either way i hope its regulating! and i haven't had much information onto what exactly is going on with my body sadly because my OB told me i sounded " crazy" for being too worried about it. He was very invalidating and i am trying to find the right provider.

posted December 16, 2022
A myPCOSteam Member

I would say so! Weight does affect your periods, is your doctor recommending that you lose more, do you have to? Hormones also affect your period. If you have high testosterone and high DHEA you will struggle to get a period as well. That was my case anyway. Good luck to you! Your case sounds interesting.

posted December 11, 2022

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