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Does Anyone Experience Strong Body Odor. Specifically In The Underarms, Hair And Vagina?
A myPCOSteam Member asked a question πŸ’­

I have been diagnosed with PCOS for almost a year and ever since iv been experiencing a different body odor that makes it difficult for me to go to the gym, be intimate and just be comfortable. Has anyone else been through this and is there anything that can help?

posted December 6, 2022
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A myPCOSteam Member

I sometimes deal with this depending on where i am hormonally. Try using bentonite clay mask on your armpits it helps with odor and detoxes:) hope this helps

posted December 7, 2022
A myPCOSteam Member

Ladies try shaving your privacy area doesn't have to be bare but low hint:hair holds moisture and odor and can throw off your PH balance as well as your arm pits.I suggest Vagisil odor block wash (pink bottle)has no dyes or perfumes it's ph balanced and has odor protection.Make sure that you don't have BV as well as this can keep and odor around also.Also a daily over the counter probiotic may help as well.. Wisdom of the Womb has a PCOS Teas that helps with Cramping Nausea irregular etc.try it it may help.πŸ™πŸ½I Pray for you ladies as well for myself that we are Healed In Jesus Name Amen I stand on His Word πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ«Ά Amen have a Blessed day πŸ₯°

posted October 17, 2023 (edited)
A myPCOSteam Member

I do to. I’m 38 but it’s been an issue since I was 15. I’m just glad the market is catching up. I use Lume at home and Awkward Essentials on the go. I sweat a lot too.

posted September 12, 2023
A myPCOSteam Member

Yes. I've noticed it since being diagnosed 2 years ago. Lume is a natural deodorant that actually prevents odor 😊

posted December 13, 2022
A myPCOSteam Member

Thank you for your answers πŸ₯°

posted December 13, 2022

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