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Anyone Else Out There FINALLY Diagnosed With PCOS After Years Of Mental Health Treatment? Anxiety And Depression

A myPCOSteam Member asked a question 💭

For context I am a 27yr old female with long history of anxiety and depression, tried many different antidepressants over the years. Always been told since I was diagnosed at age 6 that I must just have a chemical imbalance in my brain. Fast forward to age 26, I got an IUD placed by my gyno who informed me I had PCOS. I have always been very active, I am lean and struggle to gain weight.

I have been on Spirolactone for about 7 months now and am seeing no difference, I haven't made any changes… read more

posted March 25, 2023
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A myPCOSteam Member

I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression since I was 13 it seems like I’d be in actual pain while I was dealing with emotional stress people say I’m overacting or somethings really wrong and it’s tough not being able to control or explain it so I became a shut in for a while I was diagnosed last month at the age of 31 which is crazy because I actually had cysts pop in my younger years just for doctors to tell me it’s cramps causing radiating pain through my legs and back. They would say sometimes that happens and my cysts are benign it actually makes me feel more anxious because I’m surrounded by people who don’t understand. My therapist has actually helped me a lot I struggled a lot as a teenager with self medicating being clean and emotionally mature enough to understand that I need mental help explains some of what’s going on now

posted December 21, 2023

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