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I Am Getting An Ovarian Wedge Resection On Both Ovaries In A Few Days. Has Anyone Had Experience With This Surgery?
A myPCOSteam Member asked a question 💭

My doctor recommend a laparoscopic ovarian wedge resection on both ovaries. As well as looking for and possibly excising endometriosis. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2017 but have had symptoms since my first period at 10 years old. So, this has been a loooooooong journey for me. I am 26 now and finally feel like I am being listened to by my doctor about the pain, discomfort, and overall poor quality of life.

Has anyone had this procedure done? What should I expect? How was your experience? Any… read more

A myPCOSteam Member

Ohhhh I see. Thanks for explaining! (A friend of mine had everything removed except her ovaries as well for a different hormone problem too-def seemed to help her as well) I was just curious! I am so… read more

Ovarian Drilling
A myPCOSteam Member asked a question 💭

I had ovarian drilling on Tuesday. My ovaries are so sore and swollen. Have any of you ladies had ovarian drilling if so what was your recovery timeframe?

A myPCOSteam Member

I wish I could help you with an answer. I'm having this done as part of my laporoscopy to diagnose suspected endo, pco etc.. But only on my left ovary as thats where my pain is based. If you go… read more

Does Anyone Else Feels Like Their Ovaries Hurt?
A myPCOSteam Member asked a question 💭

I always get a sharp cramp in my right ovary when I ovulate that lasts at least two days. Sometimes though when I press down on my right abdomen I feel a sharp pang and I get similar pangs throughout the day even when I’m not ovulating. I was diagnosed with PCOS last year and told I have multiple cysts on my right ovary. Also I haven’t got my period this month but I feel like I felt the ovulation cramps and then two weeks later I had period like cramps but still no period? I’m super stressed out… read more

A myPCOSteam Member

Thank you! I’ve never heard of ovarian drilling, sounds painful! My OBGYN told me my right ovary was slightly enlarged too, I just wish it didn’t have to hurt so much! xx

Best Acne/blemish Products?
A myPCOSteam Member asked a question 💭

I don't have cystic acne or real bad acne but have noticed an increase since ive been diagnosed. Ive been trying different products just bought a new one to try. What is the best ?

A myPCOSteam Member

Thank you! I bought some at work...

Has Anyone Had A Laporoscopy To Remove Some Of Fallopian Tube
A myPCOSteam Member asked a question 💭

My gyne gave me the option of having surgery to remove part of left fallopian. This is the side that is extremely painful ( large cysts develop) during ovulation. At last ultrasound tube was bigger then it should be. Just curious if anyone has had this done and their experience with it. 😊

A myPCOSteam Member

I've had a laparoscopic cystectomy in February 2022 to remove an 11cm ovarian cyst from my right ovary
I sometimes think that my ovaries and fallopian tubes are on the wrong sides as my left ovary is… read more

What Does A Bursted Cyst Feel Like Im In So Much Pain !!
A myPCOSteam Member asked a question 💭


A myPCOSteam Member

Wisdom of the Womb have a PCOS Bundle you may want to try it helped me and quite a few women I'm affiliated with

Ovarian Drilling (Not For Infertility Reasons)
A myPCOSteam Member asked a question 💭

Hi, I just wondered if someone had their oavaries drilled to rid exccessive cysts.

1.) Do the cysts typically come back?

2.) Ovarian Drilling is listed as a one time treatment for fertility reasons.

3.) Is this supposed to be a permant treatment?

4.) Have found nothing for drilling related to treatment to manage cysts/pcos.
Only things available are for those looking to concieve.

A myPCOSteam Member

I went to the gynecologist on Friday. She said that getting the cysts removed wouldn't be very helpful. I thought removing them might make my hair grow back and my acne go away. I was very upset to… read more

Helpful To See Gyno For PCOS?
A myPCOSteam Member asked a question 💭

My family doctor wants me to see a gynocologist for my PCOS, does anyone know if that would be helpful?

This is coming from a doctor who doesn't even know what a reproductive endocrinologist is...

A myPCOSteam Member

That's crazy! I'm glad things worked out for you and you were able to get the help you needed @A myPCOSteam Member

I'm just trying to find a doctor to help me figure out a treatment plan to manage… read more

LOD: The Ideal Solution?
A myPCOSteam Member asked a question 💭

I was diagnosed with PCOS very recently and don't know much at all yet. From the info given to me by my gynea, Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling seems like the ideal solution when trying to conceive (like I am). Please excuse my ignorance but I am wondering why all women struggling to conceive with PCOS don't just go this route? Why does it not work fore some? Please help out.

A myPCOSteam Member

I'm surprised they suggested ovarian drilling so soon too! It's not done as often anymore because of all the other options available
After clomiphene had absolutely no affect on me, my doctor… read more

A myPCOSteam Member asked a question 💭

I'm 26 years old and married I'm struggling to fall pregnant since 2015....i waste alot of time with my first gynecologist, but some1 refer me 2 a very very good gynecologist I'm really happy with my new gyni.. I never knew I would go through so much things just to fall pregnant. my first gyni didn't even diagnose me but I was with him for 2 years.... My new gyni diagnose me with pcos I was shocked did not knw wht it was and I was scared, my gyni booked me for surgery and I went for ovarian… read more

A myPCOSteam Member

Did research about ovarian drilling and it looks promising..... I really wnt a big fat positive before the year end but God's timing is perfect..... My husband is 100% it only me