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Nonstop bleeding

Does anyone else have continual bleeding that just won’t stop? I improved my diet and It stopped for a couple of days but have now had my period for 3 weeks now. Any remedies?

posted 10 days ago
A myPCOSteam Member said:

I have gone months and months before with no period. The last 3 months I have on and off brown bleeding which then turns into pink to full on red heavy… read more

posted 10 days ago
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Does anyone here experience long periods? Like month long ones?

When i was younger, my periods were 4-6 days. Still irregular. But shorter than most other peoples. Now when i get my period— it lasts forever. And nearly impossible to end. Do you have any remedies? Beside birth control. I’ve used birth control and it works but it hasnr resolved the regulating of my cycle.

posted 6 months ago
A myPCOSteam Member said:

Unfortunately yes, my longest was 11 months with no stopping and I ended up hospitalised! Now they know that if i bleed for more than 3 wks at a time… read more

posted 5 months ago
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Wondering if anyone knows how to lower prolactin without meds?

Im on a ton of other meds already of course and now they want to add another one on top. But catcher is i cant get pregnant on them even though thats my freaking goal??? So now i need a remedy to lower the prolactin levels so i can get pregnant without a new medication.

posted 7 months ago
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Conceiving with natural remedies

Hey ladies, so went to the Doctor on Tuesday. She suggested a few natural ideas as well for trying to balance my hormones and get pregnant. Before i try the clomid because i know clomid has a lot of side effects. She suggested trying maca gelatinized powder. Anyone heard of that? Anyone conceive and have a baby from using it? You can put if juice, smoothie, in with your. Oatmeal. She told me to take it daily and it usually helps regulate periods and help regulate hormones. Also… read more

posted about 1 year ago
A myPCOSteam Member said:

I have never tried anything for periods except for birth control to start my periods. And once I was almost done taking them I would always start. Have… read more

posted 9 months ago
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If i have never had a period before and looking to start a family, does anyone know of any natural remedies i can take or try? To see if it will help me before i try for ivf x

posted 8 months ago
A myPCOSteam Member said:

Not really any i had the same problem so i got on birth control for 3 months and just got off of it to try Nd ovulate on my own ovulation day will be… read more

posted 8 months ago
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