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Anyone Have Experience In How To Tell Your Partner?
A myPCOSteam Member asked a question 💭

My partner has one child (10yr old) already with his ex and loves him so much. He’s SUCH an amazing dad he’s great with all kids and is crazy about me even though we’ve been together so long, the honeymoon phase still hasn’t ended. He’s perfect, but he wants another kid. I’m 26 and only got diagnosed with PCOS a little under a year ago (YEARS after symptoms should’ve given it away due to be raised in an all male household and having a fear of doctors) my mum likely had it too due to the symptoms… read more

posted November 17
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A myPCOSteam Member

When I got my results, my fiancé came with me for support and also so that I didn't have to try and remember everything the doctor told me.
Me n my fiance have been together almost 10 years now.
The lady doctor who we saw was really nice as she explained everything to me and my fiance in plain English so that we could understand what she was saying to us.
She was also the doctor who told me that I'd been diagnosed with PCOS in 2013 and I'd told her that I'd never been told that the (I wasted just over a year with my ex) lady doctor I saw said that I may have PCOS and she'd gone and put that I do have it on my notes!

posted November 22

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